Outdoor Wall Art – Frame Collage


It’s no secret that I love a good collage.  They are scattered all about my house.


It is no surprise then,  that when I gave my alcove area a bit of a makeover (you can read about it here and here), I incorporated another collage.

After making a nice area to sit, the area was already so much nicer to look out at, not to mention, use.

But I wanted to add something more interesting to look at on the fence.

I had potted our massive agave plant into a terrazzo pot that had once had another life as a water feature in the same alcove.  I had put this up  by the fence line and loved the green leaves.

Wanting to inject some more gorgeous green into the view, I gathered a collection of old frames.  A good spray paint and a lot of nails later……


my outdoor collage was complete.

I’m loving my new green outlook from indoors. Much better than the plain old fence.


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  1. Clever and creative idea for a great view. The shadow play throughout the day will be a dynamic feature, too! That agave plant is awesome by itself but the frames really complement it well! Thanks so much for sharing on Busy Monday!

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