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Children’s Flash Card and Activity Book Storage


For the last week I have been on a mission to organise those annoying bits and pieces about the house and garden. I hope to pop some posts up about these little projects because even if your abode doesn’t suffer from the same annoyance, you might get some inspiration to help you with something about the house. I know that is often how I get my ideas on how to tackle things. Today I focused on the tackling some kid’s mess.

My 4-year-old loves activity books.  You know the sort… with pre-writing, easy letter or number activities?

A while back I bought a whole heap of them on sale and they each came with a set of flash cards. He has every conceivable set available – numbers, letters, words just to name a few.

I had these stored in a basket but the boys had got into it for some card-throwing fun.  All the sets were jumbled and their cardboard cases squished.  They needed some organising know how.

Not too long ago I picked up one of these very cute A5 accordion file at Officeworks for just a few dollars.Organising Kid's Flash Cards

I loved the green colour and knew something or other would benefit from its addition to the house.  Enter the flash cards.

After spending a ridiculous amount of time rearranging the cards into their packs, I slotted them into the file and labelled each section.

Organising Kid's Activties

Now the flash cards are secured inside, no accidental drop will send these babies flying.  The box also has a handle which makes it easy to move around the house.Organising Kid's Activties

As for the activity books, they had been kept messily in a  drawer. I thought it best to pull them out and place them into something that made them easier to see and access.

I rummaged through my storage cupboard to find a Mimi Separator from Howards Storage World. I had used it to store things in my freezer of all places but it was no longer needed.

Organising Kid's Activties

It has handles and is perfect for moving to where the action is taking place

Now that these things are neat, I have decided that they are more than welcome to stay out.  I found a place for them in the kids’ playroom. By adding this cute container that once had a life as a recipe holder, I added some pencils and made a little station for these activities.

Organising Kid's Activties

Organising Kid's Activties

I love it when you find a nifty solution to your organising problems. Especially when you find the solution amongst the items making your storage cupboard messy.  It is like killing two birds with one stone!

Recycle Project: Kid’s Art Table


I  had been contemplating throwing out the kid’s Ikea Kritter table and chairs.  The paint work was chipped and the tabletop bubbled in places after it got caught outside during a freak torrential storm. Not having the heart to throw out the still study set, I thought I would breathe some new life into it.

Recycle Project: Kid's Art Table

After a good sand, I took to the set with a couple of  cans of cheap white gloss paint. I was amazed at just how much better it looked.

I found a place for the table in the kids’ playroom.  Looking at it here, it was clear that it would be a perfect art table.

Recycle Project: Kid's Art Table

To make it really functional as an art table, I thought I would attach some hooks to the side to hold our pen buckets. This way the kids would have easy access to whatever colour they needed.

Recycle Project: Kid's Art Table

I wanted to add a paper supply and had the brilliant idea of attaching a roll of kid’s art paper to the table.  However, as I wanted to attach it to a short side, to leave the long sides for the boys to sit at, it was impossible to find an appropriately sized roll of paper. I haven’t given up on the idea though. The search continues!

Until then, I am enjoying the fact that the ‘new’ table, and some flash new markers, has inspired some creativity in my boys.

Recycle Project: Kid's Art Table

Back to School: Easy Freezer ‘Baking’


In our part of the world, kids return to school this week for the last term of the year.  In an effort to cut down on lunch preparations, I always do a bit of a cook up of treats for my husband and the boys’ lunch boxes.

I picked out four recipes I could freeze and doubled two of them.  These should last me a while!

I made Banana and Choc Chip Muffins (recipe here), Muesli Slice (see my post here), Lemon Slice (recipe here) and Homemade LCM bars (see Thermomix recipe here, regular recipe here.

Back To School: Easy Freezer 'Baking'

Lemon Slice, Banana and Choc Chip Muffins, Muesli Slice

Back To School: Easy Freezer 'Baking'

Homemade LCMs

What made this task so easy was the last three recipes were no-bake. So, in just under an hour, I had made enough treats to see me through to at least half  term.

I did have a few eager taste testers around to nibble on any piece that looked like it wasn’t going to be packed away.  The consensus was that everything was super yummy.

Do you do a big bake up for lunch boxes? I would love to hear what are your favourites to make.




Homework / School Paperwork Drop Zone


As Kindergarten approaches last term and primary school starts next year for my eldest, we know our relatively ‘carefree’ parenting days are over.  Around the corner looms homework, permission slips and assignments, just to name a few.

At the moment, most of the paperwork that comes into the home from school is managed at the fridge – with magnets, or worse, is kept in the car glovebox!  It is beginning to look messy and things are being forgotten.  Increasingly the tasks sent home require some action from my son and I wanted these pieces to be more accessible to him.

So I set out to create a drop zone for all this ‘stuff’. I decided the best place to keep this was on the back of his bedroom door. That way it wasn’t taking up precious space in our living areas and it was accessible for my son.

Here is what the completed zone looks like.

Homework / School Paperwork Drop Zone

The zone is made up of …..

  • My After School Routine printable,  downloaded from Living Locurto.  We have had it pinned around the house for over a year now, so it makes sense for it to be placed in this zone now
  • A magnetic white board calendar (Quartet). Perfect for recording all those easily forgotten datesHomework / School Paperwork Drop Zone
  • Different sized plastic organisers (Ikea Pluggis).  These provide spots for holding pens for signing paperwork, writing on the calendar and Sharpies for labeling items heading to school.  Small containers for holding bits and bobs like ID cards and badges. Finally, a file to hold items like signed permission slips that need to be returned to school    Homewoork / School Paperwork Drop Zone
  • Plastic file holders (Martha Stewart Large Vertical Plastic Pocket) . One to hold general school paperwork like newsletters and tuckshop menus, the other for classroom paperwork like homework.Homewoork / School Paperwork Drop Zone

I have started to transfer the paperwork from my various ‘filing’ areas into this zone – a useful project as I found out that I am meant to be a fundraiser this weekend!  I am looking forward to testing its full usefulness beginning next week.

Halloween Treats: Frozen Banana and Lollipop Ghosts


Yesterday being the 1st October, the kids and I thought we should pull out the Halloween decorations and spook the house up a bit.

After all that decorating we decided that we deserved a special treat. In keeping with the Halloween theme for the day, we made Frozen Banana Ghosts.

These are a really quick and easy to make.  I trimmed the end off a banana and inserted a popsicle stick. We dipped the bananas in melted white chocolate and use a combination of regular and mini chocolate drops to give the ghost his features.  Then we popped these into the freezer for a while to make them firm up.

Halloween Treats: Frozen Banana and Lollipop Ghosts


After making the banana ghosts we had a little melted white chocolate left.  I made lollipop ghosts out of it by spreading the chocolate over a popsicle stick placed on a piece of greaseproof paper.  Very cute!

Halloween Treats: Frozen Banana and Lollipop Ghosts

Halloween Treats: Frozen Banana and Lollipop Ghosts

These are such easy Halloween treats to make and the kids just love them. Do give them a go.