Macaron Success


I love macarons.  Really, what is not to love?  These  chewy, little biscuits taste every bit as scrumptious as they look.

My infatuation started after the MasterChef series when Adriano Zumbo, the rock star of patissiers in Australia, produced the Macaron tower.

Photo: Adelaide Now

A little while back I had my first attempt at baking these deceptively tricky morsels.  I read up on techniques before I started and with more care than I have ever shown any recipe in my life, I popped my little babies in to cook.   As I anxiously pulled the biscuits from the oven, I was terribly disappointed.  Many of my biscuits didn’t develop nice ‘feet’ as they call them.  They tasted divine but just didn’t look the part.

My mission was to perfect the recipe before my children’s birthday party next month, so they could be served on the dessert table.  Well, I am so time poor at the moment that  the likelihood of that happening is zilch. If I wanted to serve macarons, I had to find another way.  The solution – packet mix.

As I walked past the clearance table at my local grocery store, a Donna Hay Macaron packet mix, literally, jumped out at me.  As the store was to no longer stock her baking range, all her packet mixes were half price.  I couldn’t resist buying a few for the party and a ‘test’ box.

I baked the test batch last night and they turned out looking great!  Today we enjoyed taste testing them for morning tea.  Again they did not disappoint.  Delicious and very un-packet like.

I see Zumbo has also released his own macaron packet mix range.  I will most certainly have to try his salted caramel ones.  I see more taste testing to come. Yum!






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