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Cleaning that is Kind to the Environment


About a year ago I tried to limit my use of paper towel about the house.  I bought up a heap of white face washers and used them for cleaning in the place of paper towel.  It worked really well until my cloths became stained and ragged. I found myself less likely to reach into the kitchen cupboard to grab a cloth and more likely to use a paper towel again.

Feeling guilty, I got myself into gear and organised myself with a new set of cleaning cloths. This time I bought a HUGE bag of microfiber cloths. They will last longer than the face washers and will do a better job.  They also came in a variety of colours so that I could give each cleaning ‘zone’ a different coloured wipe.

Part of the problem with using cloths last time was the fact that they were tucked away in the cupboard.  I had the plan to keep them in a nice jar on the counter, but white clothes are only display-worthy for a month or so. These new microfiber cloths have been in use for over a month and still look new, so I repurposed a lolly jar I had in the cupboard as my cleaning cloth storage.

Environmental Cleaning

Until hubby gets the colour coding down pat, I have labelled the jars with a Sharpie…..I will no doubt have to look for a more permanent label 🙂

What environmental cleaning practises do you use?




Safer All-Purpose Cleaner


I am quite allergic to all sorts of cleaners.  In a bid to find some safer cleaning alternatives,  I have been making some of my own cleaning solutions.  You can read about the first one I tried, Miracle Shower Cleaner here.

As an all-purpose  cleaner, I have been using  The Organised Housewife’s  concoction.  I am finding it really good.   It is easy to make and costs next to nothing.  I recommend giving it a go….

All-Purpose Cleaner


  • 2L jug
  • spray bottle
  • 4 cups hot water
  • ½ cup detergent
  • ½ cup vinegar
  • 4 tsp borax
  1. Place hot water, detergent, vinegar and borax into jug, mix to combine
  2. Fill the jug to the top with water (room temp), stir
  3. Pour into spray bottle

I use this spray in the kitchen and as an all round surface cleaner throughout the house.  I have read that some people even use it to clean spots on the carpet (but make sure that your detergent doesn’t have a colour added to it).  You could also add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to give it a nice scent or antibacterial property.

Happy cleaning.

Miracle Shower Cleaner


You might have seen this recipe making the rounds on Pinterest and your favourite blogs.  Like me you might have wondered whether it was as good as everyone said it was.  I decided to stop wondering and to give it a go and I must tell you it is worth the hype.

Here in the Crooked Household I have tried in recent years to avoid heavy chemical cleaners.  I spent up big on Enjo products some time back and I love them, especially my bathroom miracle and glove.  The problem is you must keep up the cleaning routine to stay on top of the nasty soap scum.  So, if I slipped into lazy mode, I would have to turn to the chemical ‘Big Guns’ to return the shower to some respectable state.

This recipe, while not chemical free is much better than most shower cleaners.  I don’t feel I have to freak out if the littlies happen to stumble into the bathroom while I am cleaning the shower.

Miracle Shower Cleaner.

1. Heat 1 cup of white vinegar in the microwave or on the stove top until hot.

2. Using a Funnel pour it into a spray bottle and add 1 cup of blue Dawn dishwashing liquid.

3. Shake to incorporate the dishwashing liquid.

To Use

Spray onto bathroom surfaces such as tiles, glass shower screens and faucets.  Leave to sit (up to a few hours even) and rinse off.  You can give stubborn areas a wipe with a cloth to help remove deposits if needed.  Make sure you are careful when rinsing off, especially if you have been generous with your application, the floor can get slippery.

For those of you living in Australia, it can be hard to find Dawn dishwashing liquid.  I have heard it is in selected Woolworths and IGA stores.  I have used Morning Fresh Ultra dishwashing liquid with good results.

I’m off to do my shower now so there is one less job to do this weekend.  We are at the slippery end of the year and my weeks, but especially my weekends, are getting busy.  Have a great weekend All.