Monthly Archives: June 2013

A New Addition to the Crooked Household


Well it has been a while since I have been about the blog and I must say I have missed it.  I wished my absence had been for something exciting but alas, no, I have been sick.  After barely extracting myself from my bed for a fortnight, I am back amongst the land of the living and  slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Just as well I am feeling better as there has been an exciting addition to the Crooked Household.

Murphy - Fox Terrier

Meet Murphy.  Our 6 week old Fox Terrier.



We are all so in love with him.  But, really, what is not to love? He is a lovely ball of fluffy fun. I can already see Murphy is going to be a great addition to our little family.

If all goes according to plan, I will have a few new posts up on the blog next week.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.