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Garage Organisation and Creating More Storage – Using Roof Space


Welcome to part 3 on our garage organisation. To see some of the other ideas we have implemented to contain our ‘stuff’, have a look here and here.

Today, I thought I would show you the best storage solution we have ever implemented – the conversion of some of our roof space into a storage area.

In Australia it is very uncommon to find roof space converted into an attic or storage space. I think the main reason for this is the climate. It is just too hot up there to store most things. It is becoming more popular as people realise that the wasted space could so easily be earning its keep!

We have always stored in the roof space above our garage our seasonal decorations, especially our substantial collection of Christmas lights and decorations. However poor hubby would have to squeeze through the manhole in the ceiling, tiptoe along the beams in the roof to grab the boxes perched precariously around the space.

We had long considered converting the space, but I baulked at paying a specialist well over $2000 to store some boxes in more comfortable surrounds. Hubby, never letting go of the idea, researched long and hard the options and talked with our builder. Finding a ladder from an import company at a fraction of the price you could get them elsewhere, he lined up the builder and the project began.

The ceiling pre-installation

Following the instructions that came with the ladder, the boys cut a hole in the roof and attached the slide down ladder (which incorporated the ceiling door)  in no time at all.  We chose an area in the ceiling sitting to the side of where we park the car so that the roof space can be accessible at all times.

No turning back now….

The builder then laid flooring across half of our roof space above our garage.  We chose only to do half as you can see we have barely filled the space we have created.  We can always add more flooring if the need arises.

We got our electrician to install a power point and light so we can see all that is hidden up there. 

Now store all our decorations, christmas lights  and camping gear in the space.  It has also become a good hiding spot for birthday and christmas presents that I buy ahead of time. 

We bought new black, heavy-duty plastic storers to hold a good deal of our items.  They are less brittle than the regular boxes that can deteriorate under the high temperatures in the roof during the Australian summer. 

   The whole project took about half a day to do.  By sourcing the ladder ourselves, employing our own builder and hubby lending a hand here and there, the whole project ended up costing about a third  of what a conversion company would have charged us. It was well worth the little bit of running around to organise things ourselves.  Now what project do we divert the savings into? Hmmm……

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