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Birthday Week: Picnic Baskets


This week we celebrate my boys’ 2nd and 5th birthdays. Where does the time go?

We had a small combined party for the boys on the weekend just gone.  As things have been fairly busy here, I wanted to make the party simple, but fun for the kids.

We decided on having the food for the adults inside and for the children to have a picnic together outside.  My kids loved this idea.

To make it extra fun I popped out to the Dollar Store and bought a mini picnic basket for each of the kids. I think they cost about $2.50 each.Party Planning: Picnic Basket

I got my eldest to fill each of the baskets with picnic treats like sandwiches, biscuits, juice and lollies.Party Planning: Picnic Basket

With a little napkin for the top and a name tag, they looked cute.Party Planning: Picnic Basket

Unfortunately, come party time, the threatening rain meant we had to abandon the picnic mat and pillows on the lawn.  Instead we took shelter under the patio.

Party Planning: Picnic Basket

Not the picnic we intended,  but the kids had lots of fun anyway.

I love how the simple idea of making the kids’ party food a little different and personalised, turned our relatively simple birthday gathering into something special.




Breakfast Love: Chia and Oat Pudding


The whole family is crushing on chia pudding at the moment.  It is delish!

I am loving that I have found this for my little boys.  When it comes to breakfast they seem like empty vessels.  It is not unusual for them both to devour a large bowl of cereal and a huge green smoothie or  toast and still be asking, “When is Morning Tea?” This seems to fill them up and keep them satisfied for longer, not to mention, it is a whole heap better for them than store-bought cereal.

There are heaps of amazing recipes and variations of chia pudding on the net.  I plan on making my way through a fair few of them, but for the moment we have these two lovelies in the fridge…..

Chia and Oat Pudding

Vanilla and Chocolate Chia and Oat Puddings.

These were a bit of an experiment. I didn’t follow a recipe. This is how I made them……

Placed into a jar:

1/2 cup chia seeds

3/4 cup of oats

2 1/2 cups milk

2 tsp vanilla

1 tbs Natvia

1 tbs raw cacao (added for chocolate puddings)

Shake thoroughly and allow to sit in the fridge for 30 minutes before shaking thoroughly again.  Leave to refrigerate overnight.

We have been serving these with fresh blueberries and occasionally a sprinkle of sunflower seeds if we feel we need the ‘crunch factor.’


DIY Christmas Pocket Book


In the hope of avoiding  the shopping centre crush at Christmas time, I have well and truly begun my Christmas shopping.

In years past, my present buying had been a bit haphazard. This year I was determined to be organised by writing a list of gift ideas and items purchased, as well as keeping my receipts in one place.

I decided I needed a pocket book in which to keep this information. Instead of going out to buy one, I made one using left over craft paper from last Christmas.

The whole thing was really simple and quick to make.

I didn’t have any double-sided paper left, so I stuck some coordinated prints together to make three,  30 x 30 cm double-sided pieces of paper. If you wanted to do this,  you could use paper or light card and alter the size and number of  sheets to suit the size pocket book you need.

I folded the base of each sheet to make a little pocket.DIY Christmas Pocket Book


I held down and secured the sides of the pockets with a glue tape.

DIY Christmas Pocket Book

I folded each sheet of paper in half, using a ruler to get the folds crisp.

DIY Christmas Pocket Book

I stacked the pockets on top of each other and used the sewing machine to bind them together along the fold line.

DIY Christmas Pocket Book

This configuration of folded sheets gave me a good number of pockets to place receipts or vouchers and some blank pages on which to write my Christmas present ideas.

DIY Christmas Pocket Book

I have divided each spread up for the different individuals or groups/families I buy gifts for.

DIY Christmas Pocket Book

The front cover was screaming out for a little prettiness so my youngest helped me glue some buttons in a wreath shape on the front.DIY Christmas Pocket Book

This little book now lives in my handbag. I am never without my ideas list at the shops and my receipts can be stowed safely inside straight away.

How do you keep your Christmas buying organised?