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Photo Canvas Collage


Sorry I have not been writing as much of late.  There really isn’t an excuse, except I haven’t really had many projects on to inspire a post.  Today though, I finally got to start a project I have been wanting to tackle for about a year.

Last weekend I mentioned I was doing a little reshuffle of wall hangings and pictures around the house.  Hanging above my TV in the living room was a couple of abstract paintings I have wanted to get rid of for ages.

I have really wanted to hang a collage of my favourite canvas prints here.  Slowly, I been poaching the prints I have had done from other walls around the house as other appropriate wall art has become available.  Today, picking up a couple of new prints I had made, and sick of tripping over the others I have ‘stored’, I began my collage.

I made the hanging easier for myself by using the 3M picture hanging strips.  I LOVE these!

This is what I have got done so far.

I still need a few more printed to create another row…..or a bigger tv as Hubby suggested.

I am really happy with how it is shaping up.  I will just have to take a few more nice pics and take advantage of the next printing deal I come across.

The bedroom also benefitted from a few new canvas prints too.

I love how your favourite snaps printed in this medium can brighten up a room and give it a whole new feel.

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DIY Laundry Art


While we wait for our cabinet-maker to slot our laundry upgrade into his busy schedule, I have been itching to start making some art for the walls.  Tired of waiting I just did it yesterday.

Previously, this hung above the counter.

While they don’t look too bad in this photo, they were becoming a little tatty.  They were also too big.  As we are getting new cabinets, the wall space will be significantly reduced, meaning smaller artwork was needed.

I picked up a few plain white frames, some seaside patterned cardstock and cardboard letter cutouts from a craft store, in the hope of making some simple, clean-looking art.

I have written about my love for typography in my kitchen wall art post, so I thought I could easily feed this love by slotting more into the laundry.

After painting the cardboard letters a dark teal colour to match the seaside pattern, I stuck the cardstock in the frame.  When the letters were dry, using a hot glue gun I arranged the letters to spell out, ‘Wash, Rinse, Repeat’  and stuck them in the bottom right corner of each frame.

Even though they will move when the cabinets are hung, and they are positioned a little too high for my liking, I had to hang these already. 

I like that they look neat and clean while being really, really simple to make. I hope I can show you these in their proper home (and my new laundry too) before too long.

Easy Budget Tourist Art


Last week I wrote about the mammoth task of cleaning my hall cupboard.  Stored in the recesses of that mess were a number of projects I had squirreled away for less busy days.  Knowing that these were probably not going to come anytime soon, I just had to make time to complete them.  One of them, the pizza tray magnetic board, I shared with you the other day.  Over the weekend I completed a souvenir art project I collected on our family holiday to New Zealand  TWO years ago.  A long time to sit in storage, hey? Especially since it took no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

So what was the project and how can you replicate it after your family holidays?

I had purchased these three ceramic Maori symbols.

I loved the shape of them and thought they would look great displayed together.  They weren’t very expensive – about $6-8 NZ dollars each.

I picked up a three window frame from Target (on clearance!), making sure that the matt board opening was big enough for my souvenirs.

I removed the glass from the frame and attached sturdy cardboard to the inside of the frame.   I had intended to use some traditional woven mat as the background to my art but I did not have enough of it.  I will do this once I source some more.   Using a hot glue gun I stuck the symbols into the openings.

I added  a hook to the wall and it was hung.  My 10 minute tourist art!

You can make your own artwork like this or in shadow boxes to remember your family holidays.  There are so many possibilities, only limited by your imagination…..shells, masks, coins, destination spoons, tea towels, magnets, matchstick boxes, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, traditional carvings or jewellery.

Next on my list of tourist art is framing two carved wooden scarab beetles from Egypt and a lovely Venetian Mask.  Master O is going to have his own go at creating a similar artwork with shells he is going to collect from our up-coming beach holiday. I will update you with our creations soon.


Tips to Tackle Cleaning and Organising Overflowing Storage Cupboards


The other day I showed you the disgrace that was my under sink cupboard and how I went about cleaning it up. You can read about this here. Embarassing as that was, there is another place in my house that had grown worse – my hall cupboard.

It had become so bad, so stuffed with junk, that the sliding door came off its runner the other day when I was trying to shut it.

So this past week I spent two days – yes, two days – cleaning the hall cupboard. I probably could have done it in less time but I would not have got things as clean or as organised as I had wanted them to be. I planned to never let this cupboard get in this state again!

This is what it looked like before I began the clean-up.

As a linen/storage cupboard it housed the overflow from all areas of the house. In particular it stored all my decorations, crockery and servingware for parties and most of my craft supplies. It also stored my gift collection – but more on that later.

So how to you tackle a huge task like this? Here is how I did it.

Step 1

Before I started I pulled out three laundry baskets to help sort the cupboard’s contents. One for items to relocate, one for items to dump and one for items to donate.

Step 2

I started at the top and worked my way down, sorting the goods into the baskets. Anything I found that was to remain in the cupboard I laid out on the floor in groups of related items.

I was ruthless. Anything that I had not used for sometime I got rid of. I quickly realised what a bottomless pit the cupboard had become and just how bad my baby brain wash in my last pregnancy. I found no less than ten presents I had purchased throughout last year in an effort to be organised for birthdays and surprise events but had forgotten about. I also found the supplies for numerous projects I had given up on because of lack of time or motivation.

By the time I got to the end of this step I was thinking, “What have I done?” My hallway looked like something out the TV show ‘Hoarders’. I didn’t photograph this because I was just too embarassed. My son stumbled and was lost under a pile of doonas as he traversed the small path that weaved between the mountains of items. I was lucky I heard his calls for help. However, once I had thrown the rubbish in the bin, placed the items to donate in the charity box and rehomed items no longer needed in the cupboard, the task of restocking the cupboard neatly didn’t seem so onerous.

Step 3

I gave all the cupboards a good clean out with warm soapy water.

Step 4

I looked through the items to return to the cupboard and determined their best placement and came up with storage solutions that would benefit the space and the item’s use.

I made sure I had room to place commonly used items on easily accessible shelves. With heavier items like my platters I made sure there was room to space them out so that no stack became too heavy to lift. In the future, should my collection of serving ware grow, I can add a shelf rise like this to give me additional storage space without making items hard to access.

A shelf rise like this may be an option in the future to add more space

I saw I had enough space to devote a whole shelf to my craft items. I decided it best to sort and store all my craft items in small boxes so they were easy to find and move when needed. I had already stored some craft items in 10 litre starmaid boxes and had found them stackable, durable and perfectly sized for my shelf height. I purchased additional ones after carefully assessing just how many i would need. I made nice, large labels for these to make them easy to find.

I had been storing important documents and keepsakes in three small boxes at the cupboard’s base but they were overflowing. I was able to transfer these into much larger cardboard boxes that had housed party decorations I relocated to storage kept in the garage.

I didn’t really want to spend money on a storage or sorting system for all the presents I had. By stacking them as compactly as possible at the top of the cupboard, I ensured they would never again be forgotten by creating an inventory sheet. To make it durable and to allow presents to be deleted when gifted, or added when bought, I laminated a piece of coloured paper to act like a whiteboard. I attached a marker pen to this sheet and secured this to the inside of the cupboard.

DIY whiteboard to inventory my gift stash

The cupboard had also come to store my cooking books and literally hundreds of recipes torn from magazines over the years. Organising these alone would require an effort greater than cleaning the cupboard. Realising I needed to research a system to organise these, I decided I would corral all the loose cuttings in magazine holders until another time. This took up more space than I would have liked in my cleaned cupboard but I had to put up with that.


Step 5

I replaced all the items neatly in the cupboard being conscious of making everything accessible and visible.

Here is the final results:

I know I will have to make a concerted effort to maintain the organisation and neatness of the cupboard. By spending a few more seconds folding and stacking the towels I can ensure they no longer bulge from their shelf and by returning craft items to their box they will be easier to find.

Completing this much needed task has been really worthwhile. Despite the fact it has thrown a few extra jobs my way, like filing my recipe collection, the house feels less cluttered.

If you have any recipe filing ideas I would love to hear from you……Have a great week.