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Free Printable – Days of the Week Clothes Tags

Free Printable – Days of the Week Clothes Tags

Having a newborn makes leaving the house on time, and without stress, difficult.  One of the things I tripped up on was clothing.  I have never been one to do ironing or choose an outfit in advance and this has meant many a morning running frantically between cupboards and the laundry to prepare outfits for the me and the kids.

In the last few months I have endeavoured to iron all the kids clothes in advance and hang coordinated outfits in their cupboards ready to go.  Ever the teacher, I looked for a way to  turn this organisational task into a learning experience for my 3-year-old.   He is very interested in the days of the week so I created clothes tags that had his name and the days of the week printed on them.

After my ironing on a Monday I choose the boys’ outfits for the week and slip on a tag.

Every morning I see if Master O knows what day it is and we find the appropriate tag and outfit.  He is already beginning to recognise the written words.

 The whole process has sped up the morning routine and I am loving having one less thing to worry about come time to leave the house.


If you would like a digital copy of these clothes tags which you can then customise for your family, here is what you do…..

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