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Little Boys’ Bedroom Redecoration


Here is a little bedroom redecoration teaser…..I am waiting for the room to be repainted before I can really get my hands on the room but take a look at what I have already purchased for the redo…..

Just before Christmas we decided to move our two boys into a room together. We weren’t sure how it would all go, but we could not be happier.

The room was previously decorated in a dinosaur theme…… Dinosaur themed boys bedroom

And this worked for both of them while I could buy matching dinosaur linen for our youngest’s cot. However, once Master C moved to a big bed, I could no longer source a comforter to match his brother’s.  Apparently that is a big deal to a 2 year old.

So I was forced to visit my favourite Children’s linen store, Adair’s Kids 😉 . Here we chose a travel/plane themed ‘Toby’ comforter and the matching cushions.

Decorating a Boy's Room

Decorating a Boy's Room

Decorating a Boy's Room

Isn’t the suitcase cushion the cutest!? That is what really sold me on the whole set.

I didn’t love the matching artwork that they sold in Adairs, so it took some hunting to come up with something to go on the walls.  Finally I found two very amazing Etsy stores with the most amazing prints.

Firstly, I picked up this set from the lovely Trish at Strawberry Jam Studio.

Redecorating Little Boys' Room


And here it is framed waiting to be hung in a freshly painted room. (Sorry for the poor picture, the weather here is still miserable!)

Decorating Little Boys' Room

I cannot rave enough about how amazing Trish’s customer service was. Thank you, Trish!

The colours perfectly suit the linen. The boys love the dog and giraffe flying the planes and I love the typography and quote.

The other piece I picked out for the room was this brightly coloured world map from Wallfry. Decorating Little Boys' Bedroom

Decorating Little Boys' RoomAgain, the colours are perfect and the Geography teacher in me loves a map.

So there is the start of the makeover. I am itching to sort out some better storage solutions in this room now that Master O has started school. Stay tuned!





Simple St Patrick’s Day Artwork


Last week I showed you a picture of the canvas print I picked up in the clearance section of a local discount store.St Patrick's Day Art and CraftThe plan was to transform it into a simple St Patrick’s Day artwork with the kiddies.

After surfing the internet for a bit of inspiration, we came up with this….

The kids got right into the task with Master O helping to paint the letters and trace the shamrock. St Patrick's Day Art and Craft

Initially, the plan was to just paint the shamrock, but on drying we found that the paint was cracking. Not wanting to persist painting to have the same problem happen again, we chose to cover the shamrock in buttons. Master C loved picking out the green buttons from my button collection – I couldn’t have dreamt up a better fine motor skills activity!St Patrick's Day Art and CraftSo this piece is now out on show and we are planning on some St Patrick’s Day treats for tomorrow.  We have made some hideous green cupcakes for morning tea and have planned a leprechaun treasure hunt with a horde of gold covered chocolate coins. It should be a bit of fun.

Happy St Patrick’s Day.


Cute Bedroom Art


I was lucky enough to have some kid-free time today to have a browse of the shops.  One store I love to have a look in when I am unhindered by children is Typo. It has great stationery and homewares and is very well priced.

After picking up some great pens on sale to do my Project Life journaling, I was drawn to their range of freestanding letters and letter canvases.  It is ridiculous how much I love typography.

I couldn’t leave without picking up these cute little canvases to pop into the master bedroom, which is getting a little bit of a revamp at the moment.

Cute bedroom art

The letters and symbols are printed on burlap and strung on a canvas frame.

I picked these three up for $10.  I probably couldn’t make them for this price.  However, what a fun project it would be to make your own if you had leftover materials and supplies on hand.  Print or stencil your letters or symbols on your fabric and staple it to canvases or frames.

Until I find the perfect home for these, they will sit on the low boy in the bedroom.  Cute.

Cute Bedroom Art


Project Inspiration


I don’t really know how I ended up at the shops, spending money.  It was certainly not my intention.  My plans for yesterday were far removed and much more productive than they ended up being.  Anyway,  I had a ball and  made some great finds. Take a look.

I have gushed before about my love for typography.  You can see it creeping into the Crooked household in some of my DIY art pieces which you can read about here and here.  Yesterday I noticed a whole heap of quote plaques had arrived in homewares store, Earthborn.  I fell in love with just about every one of them but I just had to take home this one.

One of the favourite children’s books in our household is, ‘Guess How Much I Love You’.  For anyone who knows the book, you would recall Big Nutbrown Hare says this to Little Nutbrown Hare at the end of the book.  We love that line and often say it to each other. 

I also picked up this great print from the clearance section in Target. 

I initially bought it for its frame as it  is a  huge shadow box.  There was no way I would ever be able to buy the frame alone  for the price they were selling  the whole print.  I had thought I could use it to put together a collection of the boy’s keepsakes to hang in the play room, but the print is growing on me.  My little brain is morphing another project I wanted to do into this print and frame.  Until I get the time to give it a go, and to show you guys, I thought I would hang it.  I replaced this old triptych in the hall with the print. 

It is all quite fitting as this hall leads to the bathroom and laundry which both have a seaside theme.

Finally, another bargain purchase was this wall sconce at 75% off. 

I plan to give this a little makeover and hang this outside when we finish our patio area.

I really didn’t need to add more projects to my massive list but I really couldn’t walk past these bargain inspirations.  Now to pencil in some crafting time!


DIY Laundry Art


While we wait for our cabinet-maker to slot our laundry upgrade into his busy schedule, I have been itching to start making some art for the walls.  Tired of waiting I just did it yesterday.

Previously, this hung above the counter.

While they don’t look too bad in this photo, they were becoming a little tatty.  They were also too big.  As we are getting new cabinets, the wall space will be significantly reduced, meaning smaller artwork was needed.

I picked up a few plain white frames, some seaside patterned cardstock and cardboard letter cutouts from a craft store, in the hope of making some simple, clean-looking art.

I have written about my love for typography in my kitchen wall art post, so I thought I could easily feed this love by slotting more into the laundry.

After painting the cardboard letters a dark teal colour to match the seaside pattern, I stuck the cardstock in the frame.  When the letters were dry, using a hot glue gun I arranged the letters to spell out, ‘Wash, Rinse, Repeat’  and stuck them in the bottom right corner of each frame.

Even though they will move when the cabinets are hung, and they are positioned a little too high for my liking, I had to hang these already. 

I like that they look neat and clean while being really, really simple to make. I hope I can show you these in their proper home (and my new laundry too) before too long.

Kids Learning with Shaving Cream


Master O and I had a bit of fun practicing his drawing and letter skills yesterday.  I popped some shaving cream in the bottom of a cookie sheet/tray and let him go to town. 

Allowing them to practice letters or numbers in this tactile manner can help with learning.

I suggest you do this outside or in a tiled area like the bathroom for easy clean up.  Our little learning experience deteriorated into a shaving cream fight and resulted in…..

I won.  My prize? Another load of washing, shower and bathroom clean. Yeah!

Easy Budget Tourist Art


Last week I wrote about the mammoth task of cleaning my hall cupboard.  Stored in the recesses of that mess were a number of projects I had squirreled away for less busy days.  Knowing that these were probably not going to come anytime soon, I just had to make time to complete them.  One of them, the pizza tray magnetic board, I shared with you the other day.  Over the weekend I completed a souvenir art project I collected on our family holiday to New Zealand  TWO years ago.  A long time to sit in storage, hey? Especially since it took no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

So what was the project and how can you replicate it after your family holidays?

I had purchased these three ceramic Maori symbols.

I loved the shape of them and thought they would look great displayed together.  They weren’t very expensive – about $6-8 NZ dollars each.

I picked up a three window frame from Target (on clearance!), making sure that the matt board opening was big enough for my souvenirs.

I removed the glass from the frame and attached sturdy cardboard to the inside of the frame.   I had intended to use some traditional woven mat as the background to my art but I did not have enough of it.  I will do this once I source some more.   Using a hot glue gun I stuck the symbols into the openings.

I added  a hook to the wall and it was hung.  My 10 minute tourist art!

You can make your own artwork like this or in shadow boxes to remember your family holidays.  There are so many possibilities, only limited by your imagination…..shells, masks, coins, destination spoons, tea towels, magnets, matchstick boxes, ticket stubs, pressed flowers, traditional carvings or jewellery.

Next on my list of tourist art is framing two carved wooden scarab beetles from Egypt and a lovely Venetian Mask.  Master O is going to have his own go at creating a similar artwork with shells he is going to collect from our up-coming beach holiday. I will update you with our creations soon.