Hello Again…and Some Changes About the Crooked House


Hi all! I have been super slack on the blogging front of late.  My eldest started primary school and I have been focusing much of my attention on getting involved and getting to know all the new faces.  I have also been lapping up as much Mummy and Master C time as possible while big brother is at school.

So to ease myself back into this blogging caper, I thought I would share with you some pics of some of the little changes I have made around the Crooked Household, starting with my dining and lounge room.

Post- Christmas I blogged about my desire to inject a lot more colour into the house, especially during our Australian Summer. I showed you the mini makeover I made on the bedroom (see here) , now the makeover has spread to the main section of the house.

Just before Christmas we purchased a new dining table and chairs, as well as a matching TV cabinet for the lounge. We went for a chunky, light coloured wood table and modernised it with some industrial looking metal chairs.There Was a Crooked House

There Was a Crooked House

With a lovely new table, I had to pick up a few new table runners to dress up the room.

Here is the red and maroon one that ties in the feature colours in our kitchen.There Was a Crooked House

There Was a Crooked House

And this floral one because I am a sucker for anything green, blue and teal.

There Was a Crooked House

This area also got a new clock as our old one died.

There Was a Crooked House

The lounge could not get ignored a mini makeover, so I picked up these colourful cushions to bring out the main colours in our canvas collage.

There Was a Crooked House

I just love the change that these pieces and colours bring to the main area of the house. Everything seems so much more fresh.

Soon I will share with you the other changes about the house, but for now, have a great day.


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