Veggie Smuggling: Carrot Cake Porridge


Like most young ones, my boys are not too keen on veggies.  I am forever hopeful they will eat the peas or broccoli on their plate, but until it actually happens, I resort to hiding additional vege in their meals.

I have my little collection of lunch and dinner recipes that successfully smuggle in additional nutrients, but I always thought it would be great to conquer breakfast as well. Enter this little recipe – Carrot Cake Porridge.

The carrot is reasonably obvious in this recipe, but because the porridge tastes like carrot cake batter (and I sell it to the kids like that) they wolf it down.

This is a Thermomix recipe, but you could easily recreate it on the stove top, just grate the carrots and add them to the oats before cooking. You can serve it warm, but mine love it cold with a huge dollop of vanilla yoghurt.

The recipe is supposed to be 1 serve – it is more like likely to comfortably serve two adults or 3 kids.

Carrot Cake Porridge (adapted from here)


1 carrot
60 grams oats
290 grams milk (any sort or, if you prefer, water)
handful sultanas
handful walnuts (I omit these for the kids)
cinnamon to taste
pinch nutmeg

To Serve

Fruit – blueberries (optional)
sweetener of choice – honey, maple syrup, Natvia, Sugar. Completely optional as the porridge is quite sweet


1. Chop Carrot 3 Sec, Speed 5

2. Add oats, milk, sultanas, walnuts and spices to bowl. Cook 10mins/90 degrees/counter-clockwise operation/speed 2

3. Serve with yogurt, fruit and sweetener (optional)

Carrot Cake Porridge



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