Injecting Colour: New Year Sales


With the start of a new year, I often feel like a change about the house.  It is  the perfect time to do some mini makeovers as everything is on sale. I have certainly taken full advantage of that!

So, with a sweltering summer upon us here in Australia, I felt like the house need some fun summer colours and prints. I love a pop of colour about the place, but up until now I have played it pretty straight with a little bit of red.  This year, I am going all the colours of the rainbow!

Today I thought I would show you the first mini makeover I did – the bedroom. I forgot to take a before picture, but previously I had a set of 3 mirrors hanging above the bed and a nautical-ly inspired blue and white striped duvet. Very understated.

For the makeover I decided to go for a navy and white printed duvet and crisp white sheets.  I usually go for lighter colours in the bedroom, but I loved how this looked. initially, I was so satisfied with this little change that I wasn’t going to do anything else with the bedroom, but then I remembered my desire to inject some colour into the house.  So I decided to go bright and chose sunny yellow to be the colour ‘pop’ in the bedroom.

Before hitting the sales, I shopped my cupboards and found a yellow throw and  cushion (similar to below) I had bought some time ago at Adairs.

Paris cushion

Yellow Throw

To complete the mini makeover, I picked up a bold striped cushion and a few wall art pieces from Freedom.

Striped Cushion

Yellow wall art

So here is my very mini makeover….

Injecting Colour

Injecting Colour

The room looks bright and cheery and I spent next to nothing, which is perfect because come Winter, I will no doubt want another change.




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