School Holiday Planning


Today is the last day of term for Queensland school children and teachers, which means my son and I have two weeks of holiday fun to look forward to.

To make the most of our freedom we always try to have a bit of a game plan organised. These holidays we decided to be uber-organised and draw up a bit of holiday planner.

It all started with a brainstorm of the things we could do…..
School Holiday Planning

We then scheduled what we could into a calendar for the holidays.

There are some great free calendar printables out there to download if you don’t want to go to the trouble of constructing your own. Maybe take a look at the ones at Learning4Kids, The Organised Housewife and Activity Packs.

The teacher in me saw a learning opportunity so we constructed our own.  It was a great way to teach the days of the week, the concept of time, not to mention letters and spelling.

School Holiday Planning

We didn’t over-commit ourselves with fun. Sometimes it is best to go with the flow. There were certain events, like seeing a movie, we had to a schedule into days where my youngest, who is too young for the cinema, would be going to childcare.

The calendar is now hanging and we are excited to start our holiday fun.

School Holiday Planning

Remember to stop by the blog from time to time over the next fortnight to see some great kid activities to keep your kidlets entertained on their school holidays or weekends.


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