Not Just Your Ordinary Trip to the Park…..


A little while ago I wrote about one of the ways I try to ‘mix up’ our trips to the park.  You can read that post here.

Today I thought I would write about another way I keep my 4 year-old entertained, engaged and learning, while having fun at the park – photo taking.

I often have my camera on hand when we head to the park.  Instead of having an album of pictures, taken from my perspective of the kids, it is nice to give my 4-year-old a ‘photography project’.

Children's Photography Project

Not only does my son have heaps of fun snapping pictures, the whole thing can be a learning opportunity if I choose the right photography project.  Some projects he has photographed include….

  • living things
  • non-living things
  • items of a particular colour/size/ shape
  • items with a particular purpose (transport/entertainment)

The other day at the park we decide to go into neighbouring bushland for a walk. I asked my 4-year-old to photograph things that he had never seen before. Here is some of what he found….

Children's Photography Project

Children's Photography Project

Children's Photography Project

Children's Photography Project


Surprisingly, he is quite a good photographer.  There is only the odd one that turns out like this – when he is a little excited.

Children's Photography Project

So, what do I do with these pictures you may ask? Well, I will pick out a few of the better ones to make a layout for my Project Life album.  I also plan to create a collage of all the pictures on A4 paper.  I want these to accompany the story of the bush walk which I will type while Master O dictates. Master O is quite keen to tell his Kindergarten teacher about his adventure, so this illustrated story will be perfect for Show and Tell.

I highly recommend letting your young ones get creative with the camera. If you don’t want to risk damaging your camera or camera phone, consider buying the old school disposable cameras.  Happy snapping !



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