Little Boy’s Bed Pocket


Every night my husband reads our son a story from Disney’s 365 Stories for Boys.

Bed Pocket

They both love the book, so I get a little cranky when I see it strewn on the floor or looking enticing to a possible page-ripping, 1-year-old.

So mustering some energy on a lethargic Sunday afternoon, I pulled out some scrap material and the sewing machine to run up a book pocket for my son’s bed.

These are easy to make and simply slip under the mattress and hang beside the bed.  They are perfect for storing not just books, but all those items you might use in bed, like the TV remote or hand cream.

Here is how I made mine……..

1. Cut two large rectangles for the pocket backing and two smaller rectangles for the pocket.

Bed Pocket

Bed Pocket

My measurements were 80  x  30  centimetres for the large and 35  x  30  centimetres for the small.  These measurements suited the size of my son’s bedtime book.  Alter the width of the rectangles to suit the width of the books or items you intend to store in you pocket.  Increase or decrease the length of the smaller rectangle to suit the depth  of pocket you require.  Just make sure that you do not make a pocket too deep for the height of your bed base!

2. Placing the two smaller rectangles right side together, hem one side.  Turn right side out and press.

Bed Pocket

3. Taking the two larger rectangles, place the material right side together and insert the pocket in between the fabric pieces.  Make sure the pocket’s hem is facing up.

Bed Pocket

4. Sew around the edges of the rectangle (I used a 0.5 centremetre seam), leaving a section at the top open to allow you to turn the whole thing right-side out.

5. Trim the excess material at the corners before turning right side out and pressing.

Bed Pocket

6. Sew the opening closed.

7. Slip the pocket backing under the mattress and fill the pocket with your books.

Here is my pocket, ready for use….

Bed Pocket

Bed Pocket

The whole project took about 15 minutes to complete and looks really neat.  I may just run a few more of these for the Master Bedroom.  It would be great to free up the night stand and bedside drawers of some of our ‘stuff’.

Have a wonderful week.


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  1. Reblogged this on Crazy Bloggin' Mom and commented:
    This is definitely going to be on my To Do List for the brats! They have so many things they have either on the ends of their beds, side of their beds or all over the floor.

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