Organising the Pantry: Spice it Up


This week I decided that I really needed to handle the spice situation in my pantry.  They were contained in baskets on the pantry shelves but it was just too hard to find what I needed, when I needed it.

A plan developed when I found these adjustable spice racks made by Storage Box at Bunnings.


Hubby kindly screwed two of these to the inside of the pantry door for me.  They were really quick to install.

Rather than throw my mishmash of spice bottles into the shelves, I went to Howard’s Storage to find some Decor Tellfresh Spice containers.  I had some of these at home and I found they fitted nicely into the new spice rack.  Unfortunately they no longer seem to make the clear lid containers and instead have shiny red ones.  I love them but my desire for things to match didn’t.  Deciding I just had to be a big girl and suck it in, I bought the red set.

So here are all my spices within easy reach.  There is heaps of space remaining for any other items I might need to store here.

Spice Rack - Pantry Organisation

Spice Rack - Pantry Organisation

Spice Rack - Pantry Organisation

The best thing about this spice solution is that I have utilised the unused space behind my pantry door and hence freed up shelf space.  The fact that the shelves are adjustable mean I can rearrange them in order to store something other than itty bitty spice containers.

One problem solved this week….another 1001 to go!

How do you store your spices?


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