Easter Gifts


A few weeks back I found these great Easter cupcake boxes and wrappers at Big W. I thought that they were so cute that I had to buy a stash to use for neighbour’s and friend’s Easter gifts.

Easter Gifts

I made a batch of  vanilla cupcakes ( I thought it might be a nice change from chocolate at Easter) and decorated the tops with the cutest mini candy-shelled eggs.

Easter Gift

Very simple but I think they look gorgeous.  I just love how they look snuggled in their special carry box.

Easter Gift

Easter Gift

I hope everyone enjoys them.  I am off to deliver them now so they can be gobbled up for morning tea.


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  1. Hi Jade, I just came across your site and read all your posts today. I love your craft and decorating touches. It really comes across that you are a loving mother.

    Wish my children were younger so I could do some of your Easter and Christmas craft with them but late teenage boys won’t do it, even to please their mother.

    Great site!!!

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