Easter Craft: Rabbit Napkins


Here is a quick craft project that will pretty up your Easter table – rabbit napkins.

Easter Craft: Rabbit Napkins

Firstly, I printed out a rabbit silhouette from the internet.  I traced this silhouette onto some scrap fabric, then cut out the rabbits.

Easter Craft: Rabbit Napkins

I used a straight stitch to attach the silhouettes to my napkins by sewing around the inside of the rabbit’s outline.  I am far from perfect on the sewing machine, but I just went slow around the curves and it turned out more than satisfactory.

Easter Craft: Rabbit Napkins

And that’s it.

You know what I love about this craft idea? It can be tailored to all sorts of holidays or events.  What about a flower for Mother’s Day, a tie for Father’s Day, Pumpkins for Halloween or stars for Christmas? I am going to have to keep my eyes open for great sales on napkins during the year, I don’t think I could bear to unpick those cute little bunnies.


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