Creating a Smoother Day – Evening Routine


Last week I wrote about my desire for my days to run a little more smoothly in 2013.

In the past, I found my days rushed or thrown into disarray because of a lack of preparation for the coming day in the previous evening’s routine.  Obviously, I needed to listen to the advice I often give my husband – Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

I decided there was a few things that I needed to have ticked off the ‘to do’ list before my head hit the pillow each night.  I don’t have a set time that these things get done, as some can be started or completed if I get a spare minute or two during the day.  Most of them get completed after dinner or just before I head to bed. Take a look…

  • Wipe down & sanitise the dining room table, children’s table & children’s high chairs.  Nothing is more annoying than finding you forgot to clean up last night’s spaghetti from the high chair as your 1-year-old is desperate for breakfast.
  • Tidy kitchen – pack dishwasher, pack away appliances and wipe benches. Who wants to be greeted with a messy kitchen in the morning?
  • Fill the family’s water bottles and refrigerate.  Place lunch boxes on the bench ready to pack in the morning. Too often I would find myself running late after spending precious time trying to locate the family’s lunch boxes and drink bottles
  • Put the kids’  breakfast cereal in their bowls ready for the morning.  I found these great lidded bowls, with matching cutlery, that are perfect for breakfast cereals. I appreciate not having to wrestle with the cereal boxes early in the morning while a 4-year-old exclaims, “I’m soooo hungry!” Evening Routine
  • Pack away any stray children’s toys.  I enjoy how uncluttered the house feels when the living areas are toy-free.
  • Choose an outfit for myself  to wear tomorrow.  Iron it if needed.  Generally the kids’ clothes are ready to go for the week.  You can read about my kids’ clothes hangers here.025
  • Consult my organiser and meal planner as a ‘heads up’  for the next day’s happenings and meals Meal Planner
  • Defrost any items needed for tomorrow’s meals
  • Load the washing machine and program the cycle to start in the early morning.
  • Put the dishwasher on just before bed

I choose to run the dishwasher late at night and the washing machine early in the morning as these are energy off-peak times.  It makes them so much more economical to run.

I have made a concerted effort to incorporate these tasks into my evening routine and I am seeing a real benefit.  I am going to bed feeling less cluttered.  The house and my mind are just not as messy.  As my AM is now freed from some of these tasks, the mornings are less hurried and chaos doesn’t descend. YES!


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  1. Pre planning is the way to go. Ever since returning to work with a little one I’m convinced that planning the following day the night before and getting all clothes out, pack lunch boxes done is key. Every evening before bed everything gets put away (I hate clutter), I get all backs packed, clothes out, lunches done for the family. As the morning routine really feels like a military operation it’s essential to not only keep to time but also keep some sanitary! Good luck xx

  2. I love having an evening routine for that exact reason, a smoother, calmer morning. We don’t have a dishwasher so one of my new goals is to get the washed up dishes away before bed. This can be hard, as my teen does the dishes and getting them done in a timely manner is a work in progress!

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