Happy 2013 – New Year Resolutions


Happy New Year! I am back on the blogging scene after a holiday break.  I hope you all rang in the new year in style.  Me, I did it in my pjs, fast asleep. A bit pathetic really.

I love this time of the year.  I love the fresh start and hope that each new year brings.  I don’t normally jump on the New Year’s resolutions bandwagon, however  this year I have decided to set in place a few goals which I thought I would share with you.

Use my Organiser  

Over the last few years my use of an organiser has been pathetic.  Somehow I muddled through, but I am keen for a clearer mind this year.

In the past I have created my own organiser, however,  I didn’t love my format. I wasn’t really prepared to spend the time to perfect,  print and compile an organiser for this year.  Instead, after reading some great reviews on the Inner B Mum Organiser, I purchased one.

Inner B Mum Organiser

I love the colour.  That in itself should inspire me to use it.

Prepare for the day ahead

Do you ever go to start your day only to realise the outfit you wanted to wear is unwashed and the kids have no ironed clothes to wear?  There is no fresh bread to make school lunches, or clean lunch boxes to put them in for that matter?  The kitchen looks like a bomb has hit it and there is no way you will have time to rectify it before you must step out for the day?  I have.  A little too often for my liking in 2012.  This year I am going to implement a concrete morning and before bed routine to ensure a smooth running day.  I’ve been mulling over what and when for a few days now and have tried out a few ideas.  I am ready to launch a ‘full attack’ so I will share this with you soon.

Exercise – ‘Me Time’

Just about everyone has a lose weight or exercise resolution and I am no different.  I like the way I feel when I have started off the day with an early morning walk.  I love that the streets are quiet and I can think, reflect and dream for 30 minutes or so.  The alarm is set for 5.30 am each morning and I am making myself go, even if I have had next to no sleep.

Eat Cleanly

Last year I really made an effort to strip as many preservatives and colours out of the family’s diet as I could.  With the amazing Thermomix on my side, the task has been quite easy.  This year I want to also cut back on some other nasties, caffeine, alcohol and SUGAR.

I have been stripping as much sugar as possible from our diets after reading these books,

Sweet Poison

I Quit Sugar

Before the holiday season and the sugar-laiden sweets tempting us back to the dark side, I think we were all feeling better for kicking our sugar habits.  I really want to give this a real go in 2013.

So there you have it – my resolutions.  I’d love to hear yours.


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  1. We have very similar resolutions! I love going for a morning walk! It is one thing I miss not doing. Hubby works shift work so he isn’t here to mind the kids. It is still bugging me about how I am going to get exersise into my life but the intention is there.

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