Teacup Biscuits


Every Christmas we visit one of our favourite churches.  Every night in December they put on a huge light display and amongst other things, a terrific coffee shop.

Master O stood in awe at the treats in the cabinet and settled on one of these cute teacup biscuits.

Teacup Biscuits

They are so easy to make.  If you lay out the ingredients, your kids will certainly be able to knock them up themselves.

You Need:Teacup Biscuits

Tic Toc Biscuits (or really any other biscuit to use as a base)

Marshmallows (cylindrical ones)

Freckles / Jazzles (or large chocolate buttons if you aren’t in Australia or the UK)

Musk flavour Life Savers, cut in half

A small amount of melted white chocolate to ‘glue’ everything together

I showed my 4-year-old how to do one and he completed the rest.

1. Dip each end of a marshmallow into the melted chocolate and place standing up on the biscuit base.

2. Top the marshmallow with a freckle or chocolate button

3. Take a cut Life Saver and dip the cut ends in the chocolate. Attach the Lifesaver to the side of the Marshmallow to look like a  teacup handle

Teacup Biscuits


Lots of fun to make and lots of fun to eat!


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