My First Go at a Nappy Cake


Recently, for a friend’s baby shower, I thought I would make a nappy cake.  I wasn’t too sure how the whole thing would go so I didn’t opt for a huge, multi-layered affair.  I thought one layer would look great with the classic Pooh Bear and rattle I had bought, sitting on the top.

After reading a few methods on how to go about a nappy cake, I found the instructions on this site quite easy to follow.

I grabbed a cake pan the size I wanted the layer to be.  I then placed the nappies one by one into the pan, fanning them out around the outside.  The instructions said there would be a hole in the middle which could be stuffed with more nappies or presents, but I found I could use more nappies and fan them in a way that there was no gap.

Nappy Cake

Before removing the round of nappies from the pan, I first secured them with an elastic band.  I suggest if you give this a go yourself, you go out and get yourself some extra-large bands as I snapped a fair few and had to resort to string to secure the ‘cake’.

I did worry about being able to take the layer of nappies out of the pan but it came out easily with a little tap.

I prettied up the layer by covering the string with a satin bow.  On top, I sat the Pooh toy and rattle.

Nappy Cake

When it came to wrapping the present, I placed it on a round of cardboard to sturdy the base, and to make it easier to carry.  If you are making a multi-layered nappy cake, I would definitely go for something sturdier like a cake board for your base.  A bit of clear cellophane and some ribbon later, the present was complete.

Nappy Cake

Not too bad for my first attempt at a nappy cake.  Very cute.


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