Christmas Craft: Pine Cone Christmas Trees


Earlier in the year, Master O collected some pine cones while out adventuring with his grandfather.  I had told Master O about the Christmas craft I used to do with pine cones as  a child and for months he had reminded me we were to do some pine cone craft together.

I feared what I planned was going to be messy and difficult for my 4-year-old.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It was lots of fun and simple.  I recommend giving it a go with your kiddies.

Earlier, I had dyed some rice green.  To avoid mess, I put the rice in a ziplock bag and poured in a few drops of colouring I had mixed with about a tablespoon of water.  Closing the bag I gave the rice a good rub until it was all well coloured.  I left he bag open to allow the rice to dry out for a few hours.

Christmas Craft - Pine Cones

When the rice was ready, Master O covered sections of the pine cone in a thick layer of PVC or craft glue.  He then popped the pine cone in the ziplock bag and rolled it in the rice.  In no time the pine cone was covered in the coloured rice and looking very tree like.

Christmas Craft - Pine Cones

Christmas Craft - Pine Cones

Together, we then decorated the tree.  In the place of baubles, we glued on sequins and jewels.  Some glitter pipe cleaners easily transformed into tinsel and treetop star.

Christmas Craft - Pine Cones

Master O loved this activity so much, he moved on to creating more pine cone Christmas trees without my help or prompting.  Christmas crafting score!

I think they look adorable.


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