Countdown to Christmas: Advent Traditions


Like most, I love Christmas time.  I especially love the lead up – the planning, cooking, gift wrapping and craft.  As a child, I especially loved the Advent calendar tradition.   It is no surprise then that we have a whole myriad of ways to celebrate and countdown the Advent season in the Crooked household.  Today, I thought I would share these with you.

Advent Calendars

I really hate the chocolate mould advent calendars.  Nothing about a Cars or Barbie themed calendar screams ‘Christmas’ to me.  I instead love the ones with beautiful illustrations and glitter.  They can be hard to find these days so whenever I find them I buy a few to put away.  This year we have this lovely Santa one.


Advent Stockings

A few years ago I picked up this cute string of stockings.  In each stocking I put two small chocolates for my 4-year-old and husband to have after dinner.

Advent Traditions

Santa’s Beard Christmas Countdown

I saw this free printable on A little Delightful.  Each day you trim a little more of Santa’s beard in the lead up to Christmas.  I thought it was a great idea for my son who needs to practise his use of scissors.

My Mother-in-law is Danish so we have a few Advent tradition from Denmark in our household.

Advent Traditions

Advent House and Presents

My Mother-in-law has made both the boys their own Christmas house which each year she fills with little presents.  Each morning in Advent they can open a new present.  The kids love it, obviously!



Danish Elves – Nisse

These guys are seriously cute and such a fun tradition.  Folklore says the Nisse lived in farmhouses and helped the family take care of the farm.  Around the  holiday season they could be mischievous, playing pranks on the householders.  Children on Christmas Eve would leave rice pudding out for the Nisse in the hope he would be ‘good’ and not play so many pranks.

I have  a collection of cardboard Nisse, each day in Advent I hide another cutout of a Nisse in the house for the kids to find. This year, as Master O is 4, he is old enough to have the Nisse trick him a few times.  Today, they left an apple in his shoe.


Advent candle

Many houses in Denmark burn an Advent candle in the lead up to Christmas, taking the time each night to sing carols while it burns.  I didn’t burn mine last year as they are hard to come by in Australia.  This year, Master O is preparing for a Christmas concert, so I hope we can practise his songs in the light of the Advent candle.


After writing all these down, it looks like we won’t have time to do anything but countdown to Christmas in December!  At least there is no way we are going to miss it.


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  1. The Christmas Houses are beautiful! Those would be so much better than the chocolate calendars but you would have to be prepared well in advance! This year we have Cinderella calendars which are not Christmasy at all so I hear you!

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