What’s On My Plate? Tropical Fruit Salad with Organic Yoghurt and Homemade Muesli


After a few weeks of celebrating all sorts of milestones with friends and family and indulging way too much, I was in need of some ‘clean’ and wholesome food.

After a productive trip to the farmer’s markets, my fridge is chock-a-block with the most AMAZING tropical fruit.  I have snapped up some of the sweetest mangoes, pineapple and pawpaws I have ever eaten. Yum!

This morning they were calling out to be put into a fruit salad and eaten for breakfast.

I was recently introduced to this oh so luscious organic yoghurt called Five:am.

If you are in Australia, you can pick it up from Woolworths.  It was a must to dollop on my fruit salad.

To sprinkle on top to add texture, I had my first go at making my own toasted muesli.  After reading a few recipes, I decided on my own concoction.  I chose ingredients I liked and gauged quantities as I went.

In a bowl I mixed together:

Rolled oats with barley grains

Shredded coconut

Sunflower seeds

sesame seeds

Chia seeds

Dried Cranberries





To bind these together I poured over rice bran oil and rice malt syrup that I had heated slowly on the stove top.  You could use honey instead of rice malt syrup and butter/margarine instead of rice bran oil.  I didn’t go silly with this, only lightly coating the dry ingredient to cut down on the fat.

I laid these out on baking paper, and popped them into a moderate oven for about 15 minutes.  I pulled them out when they were golden and let them cool before smashing them up and sprinkling them over the fruit and yoghurt.

We all loved this for breakfast.  It made such a nice change from the usual cereal.


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