Viva Glass and Mirror Wipes – My Saviour!


What drew me to the house we live in is the windows.  The house is full of them.  Huge, floor to ceiling monsters that let in so much light.  What I didn’t think of at the time was the work involved in keeping them clean.

I have done the newspaper, vinegar, squeegee, soapy water, Gerni, Enjo and microfibre cloth cleaning, but I was only ever semi-satisfied with the job. Whinging about the onerous task to my mother, she suggested I try Viva Glass and Mirror Wipes.

Mum raved about them so when  I saw them on sale last week, I decided to give them a go. They are brilliant!

There is no need for chemicals when using them, all you do is wet the blue cloth and use it to ‘wash’ the window and then you use the  white cloth to dry and shine the window.  No streaks.

They are great value as the wipes are very hardy and reuseable.  All you do is give them a wash in soapy water and let them dry.  Mine are getting really dirty as I have been using them on the outside of the windows and they have been washing up beautifully.

I am only half-way through the job of washing the windows in the house, but I couldn’t not post about these beauties.  You must give them a go.


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