Youngster’s Reading Seat


I finally got around to making the reading seat for my little boy.

As I have talked about before, I had his toys in two Ikea Trofast units.  We used to have them in the playroom in this configuration. You can read about our playroom here and here.

I recently moved them to his bedroom and decided to switch them around so that they joined as a little seat in the middle.  Underneath the seat I have stored some of his most loved story books, with the idea he could curl up on the seat and read once I made it more comfortable. You can read about how I store kid’s books here

To make the seat, I purchased a piece of mdf and foam and cut them to the seat size.


I glued these two together before using a staple gun to attach my chosen material over the foam and to the mdf base.

I made sure the measurements of the mdf and foam were spot on so that it fit snuggly into place without having to be further attached.

To make the seat extra inviting, I intend on adding throw cushions to the seat.  For the moment I have just got the one.

As part of Master O’s birthday present next month, I am redecorating his room in a dinosaur theme.  My boy just LOVES dinosaurs.  This is the only cushion that doesn’t give away the surprise too much.

I can’t wait for him to start using this great little seat.


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