Not So Scary Spider Cupcakes


We are gearing up for Halloween in the Crooked House.  It is not a huge affair here in Australia, but we are lucky to have a nearby Halloween Street Party and most shops stock a reasonable selection of Halloween goodies.

The other night I decorated the entrances to the boy’s bedrooms with skeletons, pumpkins and bats while they were sleeping.  I was woken the following morning by my 3-year-old gasping, “Oh, I love that, Mummy!”  I was aiming for not too scary, so I think I got the right mix of gore and whimsy.

Yesterday, my son convinced me to make some Halloween inspired cupcakes.  He asked for eyeball toppers but I thought I would try something less scary.

After icing the cupcakes we took some Smarties (or you could use chocolate beanies, buttons or MMs) and placed them on the top.  Using a packet of store-bought icing tubes, I iced each Smartie a set of spider legs.

They were a huge hit with my son.   “They are so cute,” he exclaimed.

If you have more patience than I did yesterday,  you could first ice a spider’s web on the top then add Smartie spiders.

It coffee o’clock here so I’m off to gobble up some spiders now. Mmmmm








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