Cheat’s Poached Eggs


Hubby kindly offered to cook me breakfast on Sunday morning .  When my reply to, “What do you feel like?” was, “Something with poached eggs,” you could see the terror in his eyes.  “I don’t know how to poach eggs,” he finally said.

Not willing to admit that I have had little success with poaching eggs myself, I suggested we together try the cheat’s method I saw on one of Jamie Oliver’s shows.  It is super easy, so if you need a bit of a helping hand, give it a try.

Grab a tea cup and a length of cling film.  Push the cling film into the cup.  Give the film a little spray with oil and crack your egg into the lined cup.

Gather up the ends of the cling film, twist a few times and tie a knot if you wish, just above your egg.  Be careful with your package as you don’t want to break the egg yolk.


Submerge the egg package in boiling water and cook for 4 minutes, maybe a tad longer if the eggs were cold from the fridge.

Don’t get pre-occupied with the kids, like we did, as the yolks won’t be runny.

Carefully snip off the cling film and serve

So here is our cheat’s poached eggs sitting atop of ciabatta, sautéed mushrooms and grilled haloumi.



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