Super Organised Menu Planner


I generally like to keep a menu planner for our household.  It has been invaluable in helping to channel my enthusiasm for trying out recipes in my new thermomix.  I was using my DIY Fridge File to write down our meals for the week and all was going well….until……organisational envy hit.

I must admit I have fallen in love with the ‘idea’ of these super organised menu planners from RobbyGurl’s Creations and The Homes I Have Made:


Setting something like that up takes some serious time and organisation.  I don’t really have the time to invest in creating one of these, especially if I don’t end up using and loving it.

After a bit of internet surfing and a trip to Ikea I decided on a partial implementation of this system.  I wanted to stick my toe into the water, so to speak, to see if this would be for me.

Ikea now have these magnetic whiteboards.  They costs just a few dollars and it  is divided into 7 sections.

I printed the days of the week onto a blank magnetic sheet I found at a dollar store.  I also printed some little magnets with codes for our side dishes such as potato, rice, pasta etc.

I cut up a few sheets of cardboard into strips to allow me to write down meals and its corresponding  recipe book/pinterest reference.  You can read about my recipe organisation here.

Here is the board hanging on the inside of my pantry door.


As time goes on I am building up my stock of recipe cards and getting a feel for whether this type of menu planning suits me.  If it does suit me, I can spend the time to make this a grander operation.  For the moment though, it has only cost a few dollar and a few minutes to implement the ‘no frills’ version of the system.


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