Children’s Weekly Planner


I think Master O is a planner.  He always wants to know what everyone’s plans are.  Not a day goes by when he does not ask, “What are we going to do when we wake up in the morning?”

I thought it would be good to create a simple visual planner for his room so that he always knows the answer to his favourite question.

I created a simple weekly calendar in Word and framed it in a Nyttja frame from Ikea.  I also printed pictures of  the activities we do most often, laminated them and cut them into discs.

Using velcro dots I created a way for the activities to be moved around and for discs to pop out nicely from the calendar.

I have attached this frame to the backside of his door and hung the excess activity discs in a little bag attached to his door handle.

At the start of each week we have fun discussing the days of the week and putting up our regular activities like music lessons and daycare on the board.  We then schedule important activities like grocery shopping and appointments for the week.  I then have been negotiating the placement of activities of Master O’s choice, like visiting family or playing in the park.

The whole process has been really positive and I wish I had put together a planner for him sooner.


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