Spiced Pumpkin Latte


As much as I love summer and spending time at Queensland’s beautiful beaches over the Christmas period, there is part of me that wishes for a cold holiday season.

Really, how could I not?  My favourite Northern Hemisphere bloggers are crafting up a storm in fall colours, preparing for the fun of Halloween, a white Christmas or a feast on Thanksgiving.

One thing that seems to be increasingly of interest to me is American’s love of all things pumpkin.  I get that pumpkin is a great vegetable, but you guys are nuts for it!

Apart from pumpkin scones, I have never had a ‘dessert’ recipe with pumpkin in it.  We don’t really go for that  stuff  ‘Downunder’.  I have ear-marked a few recipes to try but the first one I had to make was a Spiced Pumpkin Syrup to use in  frappes or lattes.

Everyone seems to rave about their first Starbuck’s Spiced Pumpkin Latte of the season, so I found this recipe on Cook like a Champion .  It had a heap of favourable comments so I thought it had to be a go-er.

It was relatively easy.  I did have  to roast my own pumpkin to create the pumpkin puree as we don’t have tinned pumpkin here.  I also added a little more pumpkin puree to mine as my pumpkin tasted a little ho-hum.  As pumpkins are out of season, they are expensive and pretty bland.


While I can’t comment on how authentic tasting it is, I  quite liked it.  I can certainly understand the appeal, especially with the whipped cream on top.  The hope is we will be in the US for Christmas next year so I can make a proper call on just how good this recipe is.


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  1. I’ve been somewhat intrigued by the concept of a pumpkin latte; will give this a shot next time there’s a pumpkin in my vegie box. As a big fan of pumpkin pie, I think I just might enjoy it. I’ve linked to my “Australianised” pie recipe if you’re looking for one that has been given the seal of approval by a bunch of expats.

    PS. Keep the updates coming – I love your writing!

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