Ticking Off the To- Do List…..& Additives to Avoid Guide


This weekend gone I was really itching to make some progress around the Crooked Household. 

I  made a huge dint in my spring cleaning of the house and garden and I put in place a few organisation strategies to keep me sane as the holiday season approaches.  I’ll be sharing these with you over the next week.

One little, but important, task I completed was creating a ‘Additives to Avoid’ guide for me to take shopping.

I have been on a bit of a mission in the last little while to strip back our diet and eat more fresh and unprocessed food.  A big step in that plan was the addition of the Thermomix to the household.  I am now making from scratch a lot of the foods I used to buy or avoid buying because of all their preservatives, colours and other nasty additives.

While the process has been relatively easy so far, there are certain foods and various times where store-bought will be the only option.  In these cases, I want to avoid those additive that are known to be harmful, especially for children.

My plan on the weekend was to pool what information I had on undesirable additives into a card to take shopping.  As it turns out, there was no need for a long session at the computer to generate such a document.  I found this fantastic compact shopping guide on  Hopper’s website. 

Not only did I find that, but I now know that Hopper’s sell a huge range of natural food colours and cake decorations.  These are sometimes hard to find.

I fired up my trusty laminating machine and made a few sturdy guides for myself and my family.

I love it when  items on your to-do list virtually tick themselves off!


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