We are loving….


We are loving …. Sun2Sea Sun Protection Clothing……

Today has really marked the start of  Spring for me here in Brisbane.  The day was super bright and the temperature quite warm.   Everything about it  just called for you to be out amongst nature and to enjoy the day. 

I decided to take the boys to the local koala sanctuary, Lone Pine.  They have a heap of koalas, obviously, but lots of other Australian fauna such as kangaroos, platypus, crocodiles, wombats, dingoes and parrots. 

The boys love days out  like this but there is always the little whine when it comes to sun protection.   They are good with wearing hats and sunnies but they really dislike putting on sunscreen.  No wonder.  You have to stand still while Mum slathers it on and it makes you all greasy.  That is why I love the sun protection clothing I bought for us. 

It is all 50+ protection rating and can be used in wet or dry conditions.  Perfect for fishing.  In fact you can buy shirts with a fish check on the sleeve to measure your catch.  The shirts all have long sleeves, so less sunscreen application – yeah!

The boys each have a cool camo patterned one which has a slightly thicker weave and is good for winter, and a lighter plain shirt for warm days.

I have my own zip up hoodie version.  It is great just to throw on over skimpier summer clothing when you take the kids to the park.  It saves me trying to cover every bit of exposed skin with sunscreen for a quick 20 minute play at the park.

I try to keep a shirt for each of us in the car so that even in the most impromptu of outings, we can always do the right thing when it comes to sun protection.


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  1. Here you are talking about spring and in the US we are enjoying the beginning of fall, at least in some places? Sometimes it’s easy to forget that things are not the same all over!

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