Pram Liner – Success!


I unloaded the pram at the shops the other day and was embarrassed at the amount of crumbs lodged in the seat.  I would have made less mess if I had taken a whole packet of biscuits, smashed it to smithereens  then emptied it into every crevice of the pram.  Children really are messy.  I decided the pram really needed liners. 

I could have bought some but I loved the idea of making my own.  I knew there were a multitude of patterns on the net but I have only basic sewing ability.  The chances were a pattern would call for some skill that I did not possess. 

I decided to create my own pattern, calling on my own skill set.   Luckily, the process was quite easy.  I learnt a thing or two from the first liner and happily the second one was a breeze to make.

Now my pram looks nice, bright and clean and I have the satisfaction of saying, “I did that!”


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