Reviving Little Boy’s Clothes


Growing up in a family of girls didn’t really prepare me to be the Mum of boys.  As my eldest is getting bigger, the differences between girls and boys are glaringly, and at times, frustratingly obvious. 

At the moment my 3-year-old seems to be skillfully wearing out the knees in all his long pants.  With all his climbing and scooting around on the carpet playing with toys, most of his pants are near perfect except for the holes in the knees. I don’t recall ever doing that as a kid.

Thankfully, the cold weather is leaving us here in Brisbane so I didn’t have to face replacing his winter wardrobe.  However, I could not bare to throw out these almost  perfect pants because of a few holes. 

So, out with the sewing machine, a couple of quick hems and his long pants have become shorts. 

So with a little effort I have saved on his summer wardrobe budget as I don’t have to buy as many shorts.  I also don’t feel wasteful, throwing out so many pairs of pants.


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  1. Boys, what they can do to clothes and shoes! I used to put monster or sports patches and such on my little mans pants! Sometimes I would put denim look iron -on patches on and sew them to look like stitches! He loved that!

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