Streamlining and Baby-Proofing Vertical Blinds


I have finally begun the spring clean of the Crooked Household.  This year, as I make my way around the house, I will be fixing our vertical blinds.

Our blinds are a few years old now so they have the chain link bottoms.

I am not the biggest fan of vertical blinds, especially these chains on the bottom.   They get caught up, twisted, knocked off and deteriorate with sun exposure.  My 9 month old has broken quite a few of the clips that connect the chains to the blinds, leaving the chains to sit on the ground. This was becoming a little messy and somewhat dangerous with a crawling baby in the house.

As the blinds are near perfect, except for a few sections of broken chain, I couldn’t justify replacing the blinds.   Doing a little bit of internet research, I came across a company online that sold bulk packs of vertical blind weights without the chain.  They were a bargain.

It has been easy to replace the chain weights with the linkless weights and now I no longer need to deal with those ugly, annoying chains.

The blinds are now less messy, sit in a streamlined fashion and are no longer attracting a 9 month old for play time.  Well worth the small investment of time and money.



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