Lightening up my Entrance


Today I thought I would share with you the little shake up of my entrance I completed this morning.

The entrance of my house can look quite dark despite a large glass door.  The reason stems from the fact our bedrooms sit off this main hallway.  As Master C is now mobile I need to keep the doors closed, reducing the light to the  hall.

I decided that a little shifting of wall hangings in this area would help until we can again keep our doors open.  Take a look at what was here before. 

As you enter the house I had a canvas print hung.

Then on the other side of the double doors to the study sits our hall table and some more canvas prints.

I had quite fancied putting a canvas print gallery in our living room, so I removed the prints I had hung here for that project.

I scored a large square Ribba frame in the clearance section of Ikea some time ago.  It has a great aluminum finish.  I hung this at the front door and unsure of what I wanted to put in it, I have settled for the moment on some left over scrapbooking paper from my command centre project.

I purchased a large round bevelled mirror to sit above the hall table to help reflect the light in the area. It has also given me a spot to check my hair and make-up before I step out the door.


Overall I think removing the canvas prints has made the area less busy and the mirror and aluminum finish frame has helped lighten the area.


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  1. In our previous home we had a long hallway where the bathroom and all bedrooms were off of, long and dark. I bought a large framed mirror to hang on the wall at the end of the hall and couldn’t believe what a difference it made. I love how a mirror, almost of any size can lighten up a space.

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