Ending the Duvet Slip


My tackling of the mess and mounting projects in the Crooked House continued today.  I moved on to my eldest boy’s room and gave it good ‘spring’ clean.

One of my must have items in my cleaning box when giving a room the once over is baby wipes.


They are great for cleaning skirting boards, especially if they are painted in a gloss like mine.  I even used them to wipe over the ceiling fan and to get rid of little finger marks on the door and handle.

I had two projects I wanted to complete for this room.  One was to finally put some of Master O’s artwork in the frames I had hung when we redecorated his room.  You can read about that makeover  here.

A little wonky…I’ll have to fix that!

The other task was to do something about his duvet which was always moving about in its cover.  As it is winter in Australia, the duvet, or doona as we call it, is necessary.  Something about my son’s sleeping positions means that every morning the doona  has slipped to the bottom half of its cover. 

I know that some doonas and covers come with a loop and tie in the corners to solve this problem, so I set about replicating this. 

I picked up some cord from a variety store and cut 8 x 20cm lengths.  I fastened a piece of cord at its centre to each inside corner of the doona cover. I just hand sewed this on but you could always use your machine.

I then fastened a piece of cord at its centre to the each corner of the doona. 

Tying the doona into the cover, I can rest easy tonight knowing that my little man won’t get cold.

 What long-awaited projects did you get completed today?


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