Chaos Descends – Project Clean-up and Hanging Herb Garden Update


Welcome to a new week.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  Ours was a full-on working bee around the yard but unfortunately I can’t see the progress.  I think we only completed a few tasks, half completed most and had to let some fall by the wayside.  So today I am in a bit of funk, annoyed that many of them will have to wait until next weekend.

The good news is that the hanging herb garden that I wrote about here, is constructed.  I love it!  Sorry about the pics…the sun was going down.

Over the next few days it will get a lick of dark grey paint like our patio. 

You can see that we have some pots hanging up but no plants as yet.  The plan is to get some more pots.  In fact I headed off to two garden centres to buy more today but they had both sold out. I have painted a few of the pots the Indian Red that we use as a feature colour in our yard.  I am yet to decide whether they will all get a spray paint.

We started some prep-work for the woodfired pizza oven which should get started this week.  I am so looking forward to trying it out.

So after a very busy weekend outside, today’s cold morning saw us inside and me going CRAZY.  I only just realised how much of a state the house is in.  It isn’t just that it needs a tidy,  literally every space has a project I would like to complete attached to it.  These range from simple little aesthetic things to big, fat organising projects.

After letting the enormity of it all depress me for half a day, I instead chose to seize the day.  I worked out a little project/tidy planner and got stuck into the first room. 

I began with an easy room – the bathroom.  I hoped that after seeing one room clean and project free that I’d be even more motivated to complete the others.

I gave everything a good clean including inside the cupboards and drawers. 

I threw away some old kid’s bath toys and towels and culled the toiletries. I packed away the baby bath as my little boy is sadly too big for it now.  Once everything was spick and span I completed my project for the room.

I had picked up this great set of seaside theme picture frames for next to nothing at Target.  Years ago I had taken some lovely photos on a beach holiday so I found and printed them.    Putting them in the frame, I hung the whole lot above the bath. 

It is only one room down and heaps to go in the process of regaining some order in the house, but I am already feeling happier and more energized to continue on.

Have a great week.


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