Button Love – Framed Monogram


I am a little in love with buttons right now.  Despite going crazy and buying bulk packs to craft with, I didn’t really have any planned projects.  Lovingly pawing over my new acquisitions, I recalled a cute button monogram a friend had hung in her daughter’s nursery.    I thought I would do a ‘C’ for Charlie to frame and put in my youngest’s room.

Choosing to use what I had on hand rather than purchasing a new frame, I pulled a small white frame out of storage and neatened it up with some red spray paint I had left over from my kitchen art project.  I arranged my selection of blue buttons into a perfect size and shape monogram.  I used the matt board from the frame as a guide to help do this.

Using a hot glue gun I stuck the buttons to the card. 

Popping the card inside the frame, the finished piece looked like this,

Not fancy but I like it anyway.  It has inspired me to tackle something a little more challenging.  I have been madly pinning button monogram projects for inspiration. 

Drop by and have a look if you want to see some awesome stuff. 

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.




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  1. I like it! Great way to use your button collection. It’s so hard for me to not buy buttons and ribbon, so I understand…Found you at Nifty Thrifty Sunday.

  2. I LOVE it. The blue is a pretty blue, and like how you enlarged the buttons too. I’ve got to make one for myself! So glad you shared your creative inspiration with Sunday’s Best – your creativity helped make the party a success!

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