Garage Organisation – Built in Storage and an Unforseen Project


When we moved into our house, the garage was just a big empty room.  There was no storage at all.  As our family has grown and we have accumulated more ‘stuff’ , we have had to create a place to store it in our garage. 

Yesterday, I wrote about the Ikea Broder units we purchased to hold the large plastic containers we use to store kids’ and partyware items.  Today I thought I would show you the built-in storage we installed for storing more typical ‘garage-y’ items like tools and paint.

We got our cabinet-maker to install two full-sized, double-doored cupboards and one shorter, double-doored cupboard.


 The smaller cupboard is where we store our paints and chemicals.  The top of the cupboard provides a much needed bench for those time where you are trying to mix paints, sort hardware etc.  Above the bench we have hung some Bygel rails and containers from Ikea to hold bit and bobs.

The first larger cupboard holds the tools and hardware we own.  Not being huge DIY-ers means that there is more than enough space for other things like a picnic basket,  pump for the water tank and some sporting equipment.


 The second cupboard is mostly mine.  It chock full of teaching resources, all our receipts, manuals and momentos from our wedding and travels.  

Before today, and taking these photos, I probably would have said these cupboard were pretty neat and tidy.  However, the more I look at the pictures here I can see they could use a little organisational magic.  So as I sit here typing, my fingers are itching to cull, straighten, group and sort all that is in those cupboards.  Am I the only one who gets like that?

The weekend is coming and organising these cupboards is on my must do list.  Hopefully before the weekend is out, I can show you an improvement here.  The only thing I dread about organising this space – I know it is going to get a whole lot messier before it gets neater.



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