Garage Organisation


We have been on a mission in the Crooked Household to improve storage.  The first place we have started is in the garage.  So this week I thought I would show you some of the little projects we have undertaken to organise our garage.  I warn you – any posts on garage organisation in our house will not be filled with pretty pictures.  I would never strive to have an immaculate garage – it just doesn’t work!  But if you can see past the ugly concrete floor and mismatched boxes, you might find an idea that helps you in your garage.  And if you have any tips for me I would love to hear them.

So here is one of our projects………

We have always tried to keep the garage reasonably neat and organised.  We somewhat effectively employed large plastic boxes to group and store items in the garage.  They looked relatively neat stacked on top of one another, but what a pain it was to retrieve something from a box lower down in the stack.  Sick of doing the shuffle of boxes, I looked for new storage solutions.

I investigated all manner of systems – shelves, tracks, walls, baskets, cupboards.  Not only was it a logistical nightmare to design and erect something to fit everything in, it was looking at being expensive.  Nothing seemed to offer the amount of storage the boxes did in the limited wall space we had to play with.  I couldn’t really ignore the fact that the plastic storage boxes were not only inexpensive but were a lot hardier than a lot of the solutions I was looking at. I liked being able to group like items together in the boxes and by being able to secure their lids tightly, meant dust was kept at bay.  Almost at the point of giving up, and resigned to having to put up with the box shuffle, I found our solution at Ikea.

The Broder system is perfect for garage organisation.  You can choose the type of base you want – wall-mounted, free-standing double-sided or free-standing single sided. To that you add your shelves that come in a variety of widths and depths.  The whole unit, including the shelves are made out of galvanised steel so they are very sturdy and hold a good deal of weight.  The shelves can also be used outdoors, perfect if you instead have a carport that might allow rain in at times.

We chose the single-sided, free-standing system with the largest shelves for our garage.  We really like it.  With this system we can hold our large plastic storage containers in a manner that allows us to access inside all the time.  They were quite easy to put together and anchor to the wall for safety.

By keeping the plastic storage containers and buying the Broder shelving units, we were able to store more ‘stuff’ in a smaller space.  It wasn’t  cheap but we can see that it will last. Most importantly it is flexible.  We will be able to add and subtract from what we have easily to suit our needs.  If for some reason we no longer need the shelves, as they are not wall mounted, we can easily move them to another location or sell.

Have a great Day.

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  1. This is great! I have the same issue all the time with all my large plastic bins. They are great but I hate stacking them because inevitably I always need something from the bottom bin 🙂 I’ve been searching for a shelving system that gives sturdy but adjustable height shelves (most are never tall enough to hold the larger size bins). Thanks for sharing your storage solution!

  2. Absolutely garage gorgeous! We’ve been working working on ours for about, hmmmmm, 6 months!! My ultimate goal is to find the floor and wash/paint it! 😀

  3. I am an organize freak (according to hubby) and I love how your shelves turned out! glad you linked up to Cure for The Common Monday 🙂

  4. We so need to do this and those cute labels can definitely get me motivated. Thanks for linking up to Titus 2 Tuesday. Hope to see you again next week.


  5. Stopping by from the link party at Shaken Together. I really needed shelving ideas for our garage, so this is perfect timing for me. We are tearing out wooden shelves that are ancient. I’m a new follower. Hope you’ll come by and visit.

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