Wallet Clean Up – Coffee Card Chaos

Wallet Clean Up – Coffee Card Chaos

I am sure I am not the only one out there with a bulging wallet full of 6 month old receipts, credit and loyalty/VIP store cards (don’t get me started on those!).  I finally undertook a very needed clean up of my wallet today and put in place a little organisational feature that I hope will save me some frustration.

I love my coffee and there is nothing I like more than ordering a flat white when I am out.  What I hate about having coffee out is that just about every place has a coffee card. You know the ones – buy 5 coffees get the 6th one free…blah, blah,blah.   I am always the girl standing at the register shuffling thru what seems like dozens of cards to occasionally find the one I am look for.  I’d throw them all out except nothing tastes better than a ‘ free’ coffee!

So, hubby hearing my annoyance, went to a handbag store near his work and picked me up a plastic credit card holder for next to nothing.

So now my coffee card section of my wallet no longer looks like this……

 A jumble of cards thrown in. And this picture is taken after removing about a ream’s worth of receipts from between the coffee cards. 

Instead it looks like this…….


Clean and neat.  Until my next day at the shops, when my receipts will no doubt be smashed into the space.  Oh well. I can only organise one bit of my life at a time. 



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