Children’s Drawing Turned Cushion Cover


My husband’s Grandmother’s birthday is tomorrow.  She always insists fiercely that she doesn’t want anything as a present.  Obviously we ignore those requests and often give her framed kid’s photos or drawings which she loves dearly to display in her home. 

Being sidelined these last couple of weeks with an injured neck has meant that this birthday has snuck up on me.  My intention was to get some of Master O’s pictures printed onto tea towels but to do that, I would need time which I just didn’t have.

Pulling an idea out of the recesses of my brain, I decided to transfer some of his pictures myself. 

I bought a couple of cream coloured cushions from my local Target and a good laundry pen.

I then got Master O to draw a picture of himself and his Nan and write both of their names.  I love how he is yet to recognise his people don’t have bodies!

Taking the inserts out of the pillow slip, I put the drawings inside.   As I had got Master O to draw in a dark coloured felt-tipped pen, the picture was clearly visible through the fabric.

I then got to tracing his pictures in the laundry pen. 

The laundry pen did a fantastic job – dark, sharp lines.

The finished pillows look great and I know Nan will treasure them. 


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  1. Love it! I’ve embroider a few of my children’s drawings on pillows. I love the permanence of the pillows, plus the memories behind the drawings.

  2. This is a fantastic idea. I was wondering though whether I could just have my kid draw directly on the cushion. Maybe there will be a big blot or something he will cover up with scratches, but it will be all his! Patsy from HeARTworks and papemelroti

    • Hi Patsy. Of course you could let your children draw directly on the cushion – just don’t forget to put some paper in between the slip before they start. I didn’t let my 3-year-old go it alone as he is quite heavy-handed and I was worried that the laundry pen could ‘run’ and not make clear lines. If you do this, I would love to see what your children produce!

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