Transform a Baby Shirt into a Cushion


Master C, being born at the same time of year as his brother, is wearing all his hand-me-downs.  As he begins to wear a new season’s lot of clothes, I have found a few pieces that are no longer suitable to wear. This shirt’s neckline is stretched too much to wear.

But look at it’s cute motif.  As the shirt’s material and motif otherwise look virtually new, I hated the idea of  throwing it out.   

Cutting off the sleeves and running a few quick hems up on the sewing machine, I had created a cushion cover.  Using some wadding/cushion fill left over from an old craft project, the cushion was filled and ready to use in just minutes.

My 3-year-old nabbed it as soon as he saw it.  It has been squished, prodded and poked consistently for a week now, but it is holding up.  I have rescued it and moved it to the car so that he can rest his head on it if he gets sleepy.

2 responses »

  1. HA what a great idea.
    And I think Ill buy some shaving cream for my grandson. ( read that post too )
    On a hot day he can do it on the outside porch then I will just hose him off! 🙂

  2. Such a good idea. Always needing a little pillow for the car and I hate to get rid of some of those cute little shirts!

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