Using Plastic Divider Boxes to Organise Jewellery


The other day I told you how much I love plastic divider boxes to help organise things around my house and shared with you my stash of batteries organised in one.


And my vitamins stored in a smaller one in my kitchen.

 Another way I use them is to store my jewellery.

Now this tip might not be for everyone.  I know there are ladies out there who have the pleasure of putting on a new pair of dangly earrings every morning and look fab in some pretty necklaces.   I know because when I see you out and about, I look on in envy.  For you ladies you might like a more accessible method with which to store your jewellery.

Sadly as a mum to a 6 month old, wearing my favourite jewellery is asking for tears, literally!  Either crying over something being broken by little fingers, or an earlobe being severely tugged at.  I just don’t get to wear jewellery that often.  I wear my rings and a couple of stud type earrings but that is it.   So having all  my jewellery on hand is really not a priority.  But then, I have never liked my jewellery to take up prime real estate in my bedroom or walk -in-robe.  I have always kept it packed away, and at times not so neatly thrown into drawers or boxes.

After some bust-ups with my then 2-year-old, who could remove every piece of jewellery from my drawer in a matter of seconds, I decided a firmly locking jewellery box would deter his ‘fun’.  My shopping missions did not raise a suitable vessel until my husband dragged me through the fishing section of a department store.  Amongst the tackle boxes were these plastic boxes.

These boxes were perfect as they had removable dividers so I could allocate more space to larger pieces of bling.  I found grouping my items in the boxes by colour was the best way to find the jewellery I was looking for.

Now they pack away neatly in my bedroom and the kiddos can’t manage to open the box to play with my jewellery.


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  1. I got out of the habit of wearing jewelry when my children were young…too many earrings and necklaces broken or tugged off. I’m just now rediscovering wearing it again after years of not wearing it. Great idea for organizing everything! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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