Using Plastic Divider Boxes to Organise Medications


If I don’t leave my vitamins in a visible place then there is a good chance we won’t take them.  The problem is, as I buy our vitamins in bulk, they are a very BIG reminder if I leave them out. 

I detest the clutter they make on my kitchen bench so I tried storing our weekly doses in a pill box I purchased from the local variety store.  But have you seen the size of some of the fish oil tablets you can buy these days? I was flat-out fitting the tablets in the container.

Popping back to the tackle department at our local store, I picked up a another plastic divider box with larger sections to put our vitamins in.

I leave these in a container on my kitchen bench that I  go to multiple times a day.  This way the vitamins are no longer in constant and obvious sight, but will certainly get noticed and taken at some point if  we happen to forget to take them.

For other ways to use plastic divider boxes to organise your home have a look here.



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  1. I totally agree that fish oil caplets are HUGE and sometimes need a pillbox of their own. I use two of the same pill boxes (one that has 14 compartments ie 7 days with 2 does) One is for medications, the other for vitamins & fish oil caplets.

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