Organising with Plastic Divider Boxes – Batteries

Organising with Plastic Divider Boxes – Batteries

I adore these plastic divider boxes!  I love that everything can be laid out so neatly and that you can see what is inside without having to open the lid.

I use these in a whole host of situations in the house but today I thought I would share with you my battery box.

It has only been in the last year that I have endeavoured to keep a supply of batteries on hand.  Previously I would find that something had died and I would search high and low for batteries and more often than not, end up making a trip to the store to buy some.  Once home I had no real place to store the batteries remaining in the pack and they would undoubtably become lost and untraceable in the next dire battery situation.

I decided at that time to centralise the batteries in a drawer in our living room.  However, while I could now find them when I needed them,  I hated all the different sized packets taking up too much room in my drawer.   I also found that the batteries often spilled out of their packets and rolled around in the drawer.

Enter the plastic divider box and the problem was solved.

Ta da!

Unable to leave things as is, I prettied up the box with some decoupage paper on the bottom.

Now they are kept together in a compact fashion and are no longer clinking about the drawer bottom.  At a glance I can see what batteries I have on hand and can easily tell when it is time to restock.

Pop by later and see what other things I organise in plastic divider boxes.


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